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Elevate your career with FyndNxt's learning programs, Gain hands-on experience, personalized mentorship, and access to industry experts, unlocking your potential for success in today's competitive job market."

➼Industry-focused Learnings

➼Live Classes and 1:1 Doubt Sessions

➼Individual Weekly Mentorship

➼True Learnings From Industry Experts

➼100% Job Placement Support

➼Life-Time Career Assistance

Software & Tech

Unlock industry-focused training in software & tech. Learn from mentors, build a professional portfolio, and become a top choice for recruiters. 

Fullstack Web Development

Beginner to Advanced

High demand for web developers across industries for building websites, web applications, and e-commerce platforms.

Fullstack App Development

Beginner to Advanced

Versatile skillset for developing mobile and web applications, sought after by software companies and startups.

Fullstack Java/Python

Beginner to Advanced

Proficiency in Java or Python, along with frontend and backend development skills, is valued in software development roles.

Fullstack Data Science

Beginner to Advanced

Growing demand for data scientists who can analyze large datasets and derive insights for business decision-making.

Fullstack AI-ML

Beginner to Advanced

Skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning are in demand across industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Fullstack Blockchain

Beginner to Advanced

Expertise in blockchain development is sought after for building decentralized applications and implementing blockchain solutions.

Manual & Automation Testing

Beginner to Advanced

Testing skills are essential in software development, with opportunities in quality assurance (QA) roles in software companies.

Engineering & Tech

Gain expertise in engineering & tech domains. Receive mentorship, craft a professional portfolio, and stand out to employers in the field.

Embedded Systems

Beginner to Advanced

Focuses on design, programming, and integration of embedded systems into various devices and applications.

Control Systems

Beginner to Advanced

Focuses on the analysis, design, and implementation of control systems used in robotics, automation.

Digital Signal Processing

Beginner to Advanced

Focused processing of digital signals to extract information or modify the signal characteristics to be DSP engineers.

Computer Vision

Beginner to Advanced

Job opportunities in fields such as autonomous vehicles, surveillance systems, and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) applications.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Systems

Beginner to Advanced

Focuses on the architecture, programming, and interfacing of microprocessors and microcontrollers in embedded systems.

Wireless Communication Systems

Beginner to Advanced

Inlcuding the principles and technologies behind cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Renewable Energy Systems

Beginner to Advanced

Including the design, implementation, and management of systems that harness renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro power.

Marketing & Business

Explore marketing & business realms deeply. Access mentor support, develop a professional portfolio, and become the preferred candidate for employers.

Digital Marketing

Beginner to Advanced

Focuses on marketing strategies and techniques used in digital channels such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and online advertising.

Growth Marketing

Beginner to Advanced

Mainly focuses on strategies aimed at rapid business growth, often leveraging data-driven approaches and experimentation.

Human Resource Management

Beginner to Advanced

Covers the management of human resources within organizations, including recruitment, training, performance management, compensation, and policies.

Project Management

Beginner to Advanced

Focuses on the principles, tools, and techniques used to plan, execute, monitor, and control projects effectively to achieve specific goals within constraints such as time, budget, and resources.

Product Management

Beginner to Advanced

Involves the planning, development, and marketing of products or services throughout their lifecycle, from conception to launch & a blend of technical, business, and marketing skills.

Programs & Fee :-

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Online Program

6 Months Training - ₹46999/-
5 Hours Training - 4 Days/Week

3 Months Training - ₹39999/-
6 Hours Training - 4 Days/Week


Online Program

6 Months Training - ₹28999/-
4 Hours Training - 4 Days/Week

3 Months Training - ₹24999/- 5 Hours Training - 4 Days/Week


Online Program

6 Months Training - ₹18500/-
2 Hours Training - 4 Days/Week

3 Months Training - ₹16500/- 3 Hours Training - 4 Days/Week

Cooper Mini

Note:  All program fees are excluding GST.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's clear before it's too late!

Both programs are in highly demand and exclusive by FyndNxt, designed to provide industry-focused learning and career development opportunities in collaboration with RJ Global Solutions. Based on duration, no of sessions and cost these programs were designed. Costings doesn't effect the learning or teaching quality.

The duration and number of sessions vary based on the program chosen. Our flagship program offers a comprehensive learning experience over an extended period, while the cooper mini program provides a condensed version tailored to meet specific learning objectives in a shorter timeframe at affordable cost.

All students, graduates, recent graduates, career aspirants, working professionals, and upskill students are eligible to enroll in the program.

The duration varies based on the program type. Also the longer duration gives more time for practical experience and case study learnings to gain industry focused skills rather than just learning. Thats why FyndNxt learnings are morethan a degree which offers you more career guidance,

All classes and sessions are conducted live and are interactive, led by working professionals with extensive experience in relevant domains.

True learning is facilitated through up-to-date industry knowledge and on-demand expertise from industry professionals, ensuring practical and relevant learning experiences.

The duration and number of sessions were carefully designed to balance depth of learning with practicality and accessibility for participants. Each program's structure optimizes the learning experience while accommodating busy schedules and time constraints.

Our programs are uniquely positioned to offer participants industry-relevant skills, hands-on experience, and career development support, providing a pathway to success in today's competitive job market.

If you miss a session/class, you will have access to paid personal interactive session, but subject to terms and conditions.

Upon completion, you will receive internship expertise, training certification, skill certification, recommendation letters, LinkedIn profile recommendations, and job assurance.

Job assurance is offered, with a fee payable only upon securing a job. The fee for job assurance is 12% of the placement amount.

The program has a non-refundable enrollment fee of 7500/-, and the remaining fees can be paid in two terms. Support is provided until placement, and the program offers weekly job updates and profile handling on job platforms.

Efforts are made to place all learners in suitable positions, but job placement depends on individual candidate profiles and efforts.

Yes, all participants learns with hands-on experience throughout the program with industry projects, or practical assignments offered as part of the program.

Yes, participants can expect personalized feedback from instructors and mentors to track their progress and address any areas for improvement.

Participants receive comprehensive learnings support, including access to internship work experience, interactive doubt sessions, weekly mentorship sessions, career counseling, and job placement assistance, ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience from start to finish. Not only that even after completing the program the candidate will get career assistance and the premium access to workshops and events at affordable and discounted prices.
Our learners receive continued career assistance, premium access to workshops and events, and opportunities for ongoing professional development and networking at affordable and discounted prices.

Our post-program career assistance is available for life-time it doesn't have any validity or expiry date, ensuring that learners have access to support and resources throughout their career journey.

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