Become FyndNxt Sales Partner

You don't need fulltime job to earn 50,000/- per month. Refer & Earn upto 80,000/- per month by helping students, career aspirants, working professionals to upskill and transform with our learn-work programs & services.

How FyndNxt Sales Program Works?

Earn with an assured income on any salemade through your Career Code. No limits for your growth, leave the fear of losing your job and enjoy the assured income on every deal you made.

Just fill the sales partner form and wait for our team call. Once you finish your first call with us, We will send you the Career Code. This will your ID to track all your sales.

Pick the right one which you want to promote and start spreading to people such as you family/friends, college students, recent graduates, career gap grads, working professionals ultimately can be any learner.

Once you found that the candidate is interested, we help you there with mentor call to explain them a breif and the program details by scheduling the call with our program managers.

As soon as you finish the mentor call, fill the application by filling the candidate details to finishing the registration fee through our portal.

Once we receive the application our team schedules the candidate program session calender. After that within 30 days you will receive the earned funds as promised as working salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's clear before it's too late!

Hahaha ! 

Not not at all, No fees or charges associated in this.

Only the cancellation or refund, Since we don't have any refund or cancellation after registration make sure before completing the registration. 

You are not just a sales person, You are a sales partner so you should understand as a partner and close accordingly. We expect min 30 sales initially.

Yes, but you get paid on every sale upto 20% but 

On closing 30 sales - you will be offered upto 8% income on revenue. On closing 60 sales, you will be offered upto 12% from the revenue. And On closing 80+sales, you will be offered upto 20%  from the revenue.

Yes, you get but the secondary sale will be offered only 5% comission. 

Yes, Since we follow compliance as per govt. of india. On every transaction we deduct upto 12% tax rules. Note in the absence of Pan Card Details, tax deductions are higher.

Note: This will be given to the only for the min no of sales achievement people. So those whoever closing min 10+ sales will get thi only after completing min 6 months as sales partner.

Infact, You will get paid morethan that based on deals you're closing. There is no limit. 

Absolutely there is no target but if you want to earn more do more.

For selected partners we offer salary accounts. Rest all can submit their personal account to receive their income which will be paid every month by 1st.

Grow with FyndNxt

Become a digital entrepreneur by working with us as a sale Partner. We Grow - You Grow.